Teamwork, network and community concept

State & Local Contacts

Are you looking for substance abuse prevention contacts near you? The interactive map below has the current collegiate statewide initiatives contacts, the National Prevention Network representatives, and the Demand Reduction Coordinators for each U.S. state, Washington D.C., and the Caribbean.

DEA Field Divisions

DEA has 239 Domestic Offices in 23 Divisions throughout the U.S., and 91 Foreign Offices in 68 countries.

Statewide Initiatives

Statewide initiatives are colleges and universities, community-based organizations, and state government officials working to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among college students. Many states and territories have implemented such an effort to support campus-based prevention programs and address the state’s identified alcohol and drug abuse issues.

NPN Representative

The National Prevention Network is a component of the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors. It is an organization of state alcohol and other drug abuse prevention representatives that provides a national advocacy and communication system for prevention. State prevention representatives work with their respective state agency directors to ensure effective alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse prevention services in each state.

DRC Contact

DEA’s Demand Reduction Coordinators work with individuals and groups such as community coalitions, civic leaders, state and local drug use prevention organizations, treatment experts, and the general public, and they provide DEA's unique expertise in the areas of intelligence and enforcement. By joining DEA's law enforcement credibility and insights with communities' know-how, drug use prevention efforts have been strengthened in urban, suburban, and rural areas across America.