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Practitioner's Toolbox

Welcome to the Practitioner's​ Toolbox! In this section you will find resources to help make your job as a drug misuse prevention professional on campus easier. 

Virtual Resources for Campus Professionals

As a substance misuse prevention professional, you may be looking for a way to move your work to a virtual space. The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) and NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education have a few helpful resources. Check them out.


Partners in Prevention: Recommended Reading

This series provides a brief synopsis of the publications, articles, and resource documents available to campuses to assist in their substance misuse prevention and mental health intervention efforts.


Prevention With Purpose (PowerPoint Presentation)

In January 2020, DEA published Prevention with Purpose: A Strategic Planning Guide for Preventing Drug Misuse Among College Students. This new publication provides a road map for college- and university-based prevention professionals to address campus-wide drug misuse issues. To complement the guide, DEA also provides this PowerPoint slide deck, which campus- and community-based prevention professionals can use to present information about the guide to their stakeholders.


Sample Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policies

This page highlights a sample of campus alcohol and other drug policies. 


Sample Campus Biennial Review Reports

This page highlights a sample of campus biennial review reports.


Prevention Library

These publications provide insight into best practices to prevent drug misuse.



This collection of free webinars are focused on issues surrounding drug misuse prevention.



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