Marijuana Use Increases Chances of Kids Becoming College Dropouts

(Samba Recovery) Marijuana use among college students has been a topic of concern due to its potential impact on academic performance and overall educational outcomes. In this section, we will explore the prevalence of marijuana use in college and the relationship between academic performance and marijuana use.

Prevalence of Marijuana Use in College

Research has shown a significant prevalence of marijuana use among college students. A study conducted in Texas surveyed 14,000 college students at 19 institutions, revealing that nearly 40 percent of the students reported using marijuana and over 26 percent had used it on their campuses. These findings indicate a concerning trend of marijuana use among college students.

Academic Performance and Marijuana Use

Research has consistently indicated a negative association between marijuana use and academic performance among college students. Daily marijuana use among college students reached a historic high of 44 percent in 2020 [1]. Heavy marijuana use has been linked to dropping out of college and poor academic performance.

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