Peer Education Portal

Calling all students, leaders, peer educators, and student health advocates!

Are you passionate about teaching your fellow students about health and safety matters surrounding alcohol and other drug use? Do you have a program that you would love to share with other peer educators? The Student Center has created this Peer Education Portal as a resource for students across the country to use in their prevention efforts.

Learn how you can have your school's peer education program featured on our site.

Campus Programs

Babson College: Peers on Wellness

Peers On Wellness is a student leadership program devoted to promoting health and educating fellow Babson students on a range of wellness topics. POWs are educators, leaders, role models, and resources to the Babson community. Wellness & Prevention Services Staff advise the POWs. Read more about the school's program.

College of the Holy Cross: SWEET Peer Educators

The SWEET Peer Educators develop and lead educational programs designed to promote responsible behaviors and attitudes related to substance use. They strive to challenge myths and explore norms about substance use on the Holy Cross campus. By providing education and training to their peers, SWEET students believe that college students are capable of navigating situations where substance use is prevalent, by learning harm reduction strategies focused on safety and personal accountability. Through peer-to-peer outreach and campuswide programming, the SWEET team empowers students to make better choices that can improve their well-being in college. Read more about the school's program.